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TANCET basic engineering and science books download

The following is the syllabus for the Engineering section of the Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test. Syllabus for TANCET (Basic Engineering and Sciences)

TANCET basic engineering and science books

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i) Applied Mechanics : Law of Mechanics – Lame’s theorem – Forces, Moments and Couples – Displacement, velocity and Acceleration – Friction – Moment of Inertia.

ii) Mechanical Engineering : Laws of thermodynamics – Open and closed systems – Equation of state – Heat and Work.

iii) Physics : Sound – Latices – Ultrasonic flaw detector – X-ray radiography – Interference Fringes – Planck’s quantum theory – Laser and Fibre Optics.

iv) Material Science : Fracture – Magnetic and Dielectric materials – Conductor and Semi conductor materials – Ceramic and Super conductor materials.

v) Civil Engineering : Fluid Statics and Dynamics – Boundary Layer – Pumps and Turbines – Environmental Pollution.

vi) Electrical Engineering : Ohm’s law – Kirchoff’s law – A.C. circuits – D.C. machines – Transformers – Synchronous machines – Instrumentation.

vii) Computers : Computer organisation – Architecture – Arrays – Pointers – User defined function – C program.

viii) Chemistry : Adsorption – Chromatography – Chemical kinetics – Electrochemistry – Spectroscopy – Fuels and Combustion.

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