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TANCET 2019 college wise cut off marks

TANCET 2019 college wise cut off marks: In order to gain admission into various colleges of Tamil Nadu, the candidate would need to get cut off for various colleges that give admissions looking at the TANCET 2019 cut off marks. The expected cut off for these colleges can be found on this page.

TANCET 2019 college wise cut off marks

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Some of the top colleges of TANCET are AC Tech Campus, CEG, MIT etc., the university departments and the branches of Anna University in different districts, govt. aided colleges and govt. colleges are: GCE Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Salem and Bargur, IRTT,Erode, Thanthai periyar, vellore and University departments, Trichy.

Some of the top private colleges of the TANCET are: SSN Chennai, Velammal College of Engineering Chennai, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, Kongu engineering college , perundurai, Sri Krishna college of engineering, Coimbatore, Mepco, Sivakasi, St.Joseph College of Engineering Chennai and Sri Venkateswara college of Engineering, Chennai.

After this, the colleges that would offer admission are: Easwari Engineering college, Chennai, Sri Ramakrishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore, Panimalar Engineering college, Chennai, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology,Sathyamangalam, Jeppiaar engineering college, Chennai and Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology,Pollachi.

TANCET 2019 college wise cut off marks

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  1. i have scored 25.981 i need know which college will i get. so plz try to reply.

    1. This mark is actual or normalized mark

    2. R.Parikshith Akhil

      Hi Sir/Mam,
      I’m Parikshith from CIVIL & I have scored 28.59 normalised in M.E. Which top college can I chance to get ??? And from whem onward’s the Counselling registration start’s ……!

  2. i have scored 45.89 marks in tancet (btech it) ..will i get seat ME in govt colleges? please do reply as soon as possible.

  3. what is the first mark in tancet2015

  4. Sir, my tancet mca mark is 28.667 belongs to Bc… Whch colg I get… If i hve a chance to get good colg sir?

  5. Sir, I got 35.252 on tancet for ME(cs). i belong to BC category. which colleges can i expect to get seat in?

  6. Which top college i can get for the score of 59 (MBA)

    1. Which college did you got for this mark? I got 50 this year which college will I get for this mark?

    2. Sivaramakrishnan B

      Sir. My TANCET 2017 Normalized score was 27. Which college I will get for M.Tech/M.E (Mechanical )?

  7. My tancet 2015 MBA mark is 17 and I belongs to BC category.Suggest me some colleges based on my mark.

  8. What is the tancet first mark for ME

  9. Hello sir/madam,my tancet mba cut off mark is 43.667 belongs to sc catogery. Is there any possibility in getting any govt clg..pl guide me about the college selection

  10. What is the 1st mark in tancet and him/her name

  11. i have got raw mark 15.64 and normalised mark 31.669 then what is my tancet cut off ? i belong to sc category can i get govt coll ?

    1. My TANCET score is 50 I belongs to OC. which college will I get?

  12. I got 56 as my mca normalized mark i belong to bc wil i get psg tech

  13. i have scored 20.33 in which college in coimbatore i will get admission for MBA

  14. SIR,
    when will be the cutoff marks for mba 2015 will be release?

  15. sir please tell me the tancet 2015 cut off mark for trichy anna university for ME (civil)

  16. i got 20 mark in Tancet BC category which clg can be selected

  17. what is the cutoff mark for mit PG aerospace

  18. What is 1st mark tancet in mca

  19. My tancet ME mark is 27.153, and i belong to mbc category.. Which college i may get?

  20. I got normilzed mark 29 acorrding to BC can i get good college

  21. My raw mark is 4.667 and normalized mark is 43.667 for MBA which will be considered as cutoff raw mark or normalized mark..and which colleges will I get

  22. I have scored 32.64 in ME Civil tancet2016…which college will I get for ME Structural engineering in Coimbatore

  23. Sir!
    i got 22.5 as my normalised mark for ME(CSE)Which college can i get in chennai??

  24. Hi my tancet mark is 41.say any govt college in vellore

  25. i have scored 39 in mba…. what is the first mark in mba sir ..which colge in cbe i ll get admissn sir

  26. i got 25.674 (community(MBC) for tancet. then what is the cut for CGE -Gindy campus plz tel me…

  27. i got 47.732 marks in tancet 2016.
    My major is civil engineering.
    Which college can i get in counselling and what will be my rank??
    waiting for your reply.

  28. I’ve secured 27 marks and I belong to BC .Can I apply for the further process involved ,

  29. I scored 43.667 in tancet mca.i belong to bc.. Will i get anna univ

  30. Sir,I have scored 47 marks belongs to BC..which collage will I get in coimbatore

  31. Sir/madam my M.E civil normalized mark is 22.767 n which college I will get m.E structural in sivagangai, Madurai dist colleges

  32. Hello Sir/medam,
    My tancet 2016 ( MBA mark is 45 ) and I belongs to BC category.
    Is there any possibility in getting any govt clg..pl guide me about the college selection,
    Please do reply me as soon as possible…

  33. respected sir/madam, my tancet normalize mark on 38(mba). so which clg best in mba can i get annauniversity main campus in chennai or coimbatore.

  34. I have get a 29.183 mark sir so I will get any government college sir….? any possible sir and highest mark how much

  35. sir please tell me which college i shall get for the score 35.184 m.e course .(bc caste)

  36. My tancet MBA mark is 36.000 .o.c .which college I will get in coimbatore district

  37. I have got 37.249 in tancet civil engineering.sir shall I get anna university or not?

  38. i got 32.17 ..anna university college available for me sie

  39. i got 31.5 mark for ME Cse. if any possible for get good collage in coimbatore

  40. Hi sir.. My brother got 30.667 mark for MBA.. Belongs to bc.. Which can he join the colleges¿¿¿ ¿

  41. My tancet score is 31.218 .any possible to get govt clg ,i belongs to mbc

  42. sir please tell me which is the minimum cut off for joining in anna university for ME (civil engineering)

  43. my mark is 33
    mba tancent
    I will get govt clg or
    which clg suggested

  44. i have 47 normalized mark in mba, bc category can i get good colleges… like ceg campus or ssn,psg… do i have a chance actually….reply guys

  45. sir my tancet score is 30.787, i want do m.e structural engineering . for this score which type of college will i get.

  46. I have got 40.66 MBA mark can I get government college

  47. my tancet mba mark is 38 under sc category, can i get tsm

  48. what is the maximum mark in tancet mba under sc category.

  49. my mark is 33. i try for gov.college

  50. i have scored 34.333 i need know which college will i get. so plz try to reply.

  51. HAI sir/madam.I have scored 30 belongs bc category my aim colleges are thayagaraja college of engineering&technology,madurai additional psna college of engineering&technology,dindual can i got any one of this college

  52. Sir my marks is 28.379 plz tell can i get the gov. Clg

  53. I am 36.728 in ME tancet mark any course in chance for government college

  54. Can i get into PSG or CEG campus for M.E. Engineering Design or Thermal with a gate mark of 39/100. ( i.e gate score 430/1000).

  55. I got 36.611 in tancet ME under bc category plz tell me about some colleges in Madurai area for my score.Is there any chance to get into Anna university chennai?

  56. I got ME tancet score 26.455.can u suggest which college will i get?

  57. My mark is 39 in MBA Tancet in MBC category my aim is PSg Coimbatore and thiyagaraja college madurai there is any chance to get admission there??

  58. Raw mark:6.3 and normalised mark:28.1 how to calculate average mark ?? Can you please calculate and send me

  59. my mark is 32.705 in ME TANCET. there is any chance to get any course in civil at government college. please suggest me

  60. hi pls let me know the rank list for tancet 2017 MBA Part

  61. I am 21.978 in ME tancet mark belongs to oc category. I need to know which college i wil get??

  62. Sir I got confused about these normalized marks and actual marks And which mark is taken for counseling? ??

  63. My tancent score is 16.667 im eligible for counselling or not

  64. My tancent score is 16.667 normalised .. im eligible for counselling or not

  65. I am 22 in tancet MBA mark financial management course in chance for kongu engineering college

  66. I got 29.43 as normalized mark in ME EEE .if I eligible for counselling or not

  67. I have scored 26.667 marks …can u prefer me some colleges for my mark

  68. I got 26.66 as actual mark and 44.66 as normalised mark in TANCET MBA 2017 belongs to BC category.which will be considered for counseling and what are all the colleges I can get with this mark? Please reply me?

  69. i got 38.039 in TANCET ME(CIVIL). What are the colleges i can expect in coimbatore

  70. What is the first rank in tancet 2017?

  71. I am 27.33 in tancet MBA. Can i get good colleges to join. Or which are the colleges cam i join

  72. I am 27.38 in ME tancet mark any course in chance for government college

  73. Sir, I have scored normalised tancet Mark 23.5 in ME. suggest me some good colleges in coimbatore.Will I get GCT college?

  74. I got 24 in TANCET 2017 belong to SC what clg can i get for structural eng, transportation eng, environment eng

  75. how can i identify my mark.. wether i would consider actual mark or normalized mark??

  76. what can i consider as my mark… whether it was actual mark or normalized mark? (For MBA)

  77. i have scored 41.333 in TANCET MBA. Can you pls tell me which i would get through counselling…………..

  78. sir i got 22.079 in ME , if i got government college or not belonging to sc category

  79. I scored 20.667.in MBA tancet.which college I get admission in chennai

  80. sir i got tancet mba score of 40.66 and belongs to bc category,will i get SSN colleges?

  81. Sir my mark in tancet is 23.955 I belong to bcm category will I get government colleges

  82. Sir I got 23.955 in tancet, I belong to bcm category will I able to get any government colleges..

  83. My tancet 2017 M.E mark is 28 and belong to BC Category.which college i will get?

  84. what is the maxmum mark in tancet ME Civil

  85. My brother taking 45 mark. Any possible to getting govt college in Vienna. Course is MBA

  86. My brother taking 45mark in MBA any possible to getting govt college in chennai.

  87. ss.vino alexander

    i like much

  88. Sir i got 28 belong to bc can i knw which clge wil get pls tel me

  89. Sir i got 28 belong to bc pls tel me which clge will i get

  90. I got 34 marks in tancet MBA will I get good college.. pls suggest me best college

  91. I scored 34 cut off in tancet ME which college is eligible

  92. Hi sir , my score for tancet MBA is
    Actual mark – 26.667
    Normalized mark – 44.667
    Can I get admission in top 3 colleges and I belong to OC category

    1. I scored same mark too. Checkout last year’s cut off for shocking results.

  93. Sir I got 46.865 in TANCET 2017 and GATE 30.49 in the department of civil engineering discipline.Is there any chance to get Anna University CEG campus for M.E.

  94. I got 13 mark. Which college i will get

  95. I have scored 34 normalised mark in MBA .Which college can I get??

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    You write awesome articles but you should rank your page higher in search engines.
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  97. Sir may I know which College would I get for the following normalised mark of 30.769

  98. I have scored 47 in tancet mba… is there any chance of getting into ceg? I belong to bc category. Pls answer

  99. I got TANCET MBA mark is 27.333 .. This mark is eligible for counseling or not..Tell me plz…I am in BCM category… And I join into govt clg into coaimbatore..Plz asking him to tell me PLZZ….

  100. My normalised mark for mba in tancet is 24.667 whether i am eligible for councling if it is means which college i can get in trichy??

  101. sir i got 17 mark in tance mca.which college i get pls tell me

  102. I have got 37 marks in tancet mba 2017 ..can I get ssn or kumaraguru college?? Plss someone

  103. I have got 31.94 normalized mark in ME.Which colleges I will get??

  104. My normalized mark for ME is 22.16 I belong to BC .which college will I get sir

  105. I am Sridhar I score 27.6 in tancet for Mba which college I will get pls reply

  106. I have 18.667 mark in MCA.which college can i get?

  107. Sir,I got 29.766 (normalized. Mark) in tancet 2017.belong to SC. Category. Will i get anna university college. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING course In chennai.. (my branch in civil engineering)

  108. What is the approximate cut off required for M.Tech Bio-pharmaceutical technology at ACT campus, Anna university, chennai?? Pla reply

  109. Sir/mam, as I scored 28.489 (normalised mark) in tancet for ME, which college am I eligible?

  110. my mark is 38.7 belong to civil me

  111. M. Mohamed sathick

    I have scored 36.34(Normalized mark) in M.E(EEE). Also BCM category. Already I applied tanca 2017 counseling. can I expect to get in Trichy anna University(BIT campus)?? So please reply…

  112. I have got 29.9 in Tancet for ME.will I get Anna university

  113. I have scored 33 normalised mark in ME CIVIL .Which college will i get?

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